Death Registration

Death Registration

Ø A person who was living with the deceased either relative or family members, when they can’t appeared close neighborhood should register the death

Ø  If a person died in condominium head of the institution should appear to register death

Ø  When accident is reason for death after checking whether a victim can’t appear death will be registered

Document Required For the Service

Ø  If the death was in health center birth certificate of the center should be submitted

Ø  Deceased residence ID should be submitted

Ø  If a person who register death is either police or any other legal officer should submit ID.

Ø  If the death will be registered by disappearance of the individual the original copy of the court should be submitted

Ø  Written document should be submitted for delayed registration of death the document may be from Edir, Church, Mosque, and etc.

Ø  For those who came late for registration if they stay either by sickness or prison they should submit document from concerning office