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Applicants for change of passport data must fulfil the following requirements.If you need to change the passport information like name change, birth place and birth date

  1. Prepare all the required documents for this service.
    • Copy of passport information page
    • Court evidence letter
  2. If you are applying for Urgent Services, you must have:
    • Medical letter
    • Scholarship and DV
    • Letter from authorized organization
    • Foreign residence permit
    • invitation paper
    • Urgent travel for Work
    • Travel for compassionate reason
  3. Check the service fee for new Passport
  4. If your passport has more than 6 month’s validity, the payment will have additional 100% of the requested passport.

    Passport status Passport description Passport type price
    Correction requests for correction for expired passports 64 page passport 2186
    32 page passport 600+100%=1200
    Correction requests for correction for expired passports 64 page passport 2186+ 100% =4372
    32 page passport 600
    For Urgent : Additional 100% Payment of the requested document
  5. Scan all the required documents and resize them according to the guidelines.
  6. Payment will be through online and banks using the payment code generated after the application form submitted.
  7. After you apply for the service, you must print the last page which has your appointment and delivery date and time. Take the paper with you to your appointment.
  8. When you come to the office on the appointment date, you need to make sure that:
    • You have the appointment paper with you
    • You have all the original required documents with you. These should be the same documents that you uploaded with the Online Application.
    • If you are applying as an applicant, you should come yourself. Proxy Applications are not allowed and acceptable. If you are applying as a guardian or parent, you have to accompany the child/toddler.